About Mike Dodd


Date of Birth: October 20 1981

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Owen Sound,Ontario,Canada

Education: Radio and Television Presentation-Niagara College
Public Relations Post graduate-Mohawk College

Job: Executive Producer @ This Week in Geek.net
Producer @ The Game Heroes.com
Video Game Correspondent @ Clear Channel Networks @BayShore Broadcasting @ Astral Radio Networks

Mike Dodd is the guy who always said video games could be turned into a profession and eventually it turned out he was right. Mike is a passionate nerd about all facets of nerd culture from the love of the BBC’s Doctor Who to the very latest in the fight game scene, he’s on to it and likely turned into his new obsession. Dodd was raised to love all things that were pop culture from viewing his first horror movie at five years old to owning one of the first Nintendos in North America, it’s been a childhood dominated by the controller and movie screens and he couldn’t be happier.

Roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons dominated the high school years and unhealthy doses of Japanese anime were frequent as he completed his education and took sometime off to explore Canada and the US. However as all good times must come to an end, a decision was made to get some experience and do something fun and learn something and meant getting involved in the media. Mike volunteered with Rogers Television and became the audio/technical director for several successful programs and decided that he should further that experience by going to college.

4 years and several massive headaches later, Mike became known as “The Birdman” of This week in Geek but that is a story for another website….

OFFICIAL BIO by Lesley Smith
Additional edits by Michael Dodd

Michael Dodd is no stranger to geek culture.
He got his first Nintendo system in 1985, which sparked a love of video games. Today he between 500 and 600 games to suit a variety of video game consoles.
His interests have expanded to include comic books and popular culture. Today the 28-year-old describes himself as a “major nerd” on everything from comic books, to action figures, to the latest in movies, television and web.
He now uses his passion to inform the world.
Dodd began his broadcasting career by volunteering at Rogers TV in Owen Sound, Ont. While at Rogers he was the audio producer and director for several programs including Dave Carr Live, Daytime and Attack hockey games.
After volunteering at Rogers, he decided to attend college for Broadcasting. He chose Niagara College’s Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film program. At the beginning of his second semester Dodd found the launching pad for his career: This Week in Geek (TWIG).
Dodd and classmate Steve Saylor originally planned TWIG to be a technology-based program, but it quickly evolved to be about popular culture. And it’s a good thing. TWIG won the 2007 Niagara College Graffiti for Best Specialty Show on 90.1 FM.
TWIG’s first season saw 13 live episodes broadcast on Niagara College’s CRNC 90.1FM, but knowledge of the show reached far beyond the college’s walls. Dodd and Saylor were already known when they attended the 2nd annual PodCamp in Toronto after only a few episodes of TWIG had aired.
During the summer before his second year of college, Dodd and Saylor dressed up and hosted an episode of the show from a Star Wars celebration at Welland, Ont.’s City Hall. They also hooked up with tech journalist Andy Walker and LittleGeeks.Org – an organization that supplies computers and Internet to children who don’t have access – to air a TWIG special live from a Welland restaurant.
The second season of TWIG began in the fall of 2007 and saw new co-hosts join the show: Pierce Derks and David Denis. The show’s content was expanded with movie and video game reviews.
When the second season of TWIG concluded TWIG co-founder Saylor decided to leave the Niagara area to pursue a different college path. Dodd was left to decide whether to continue the show on his own or to let it go. While he originally thought the show may have run its course, Dodd quickly changed his mind and brought the show back for the third season. New co-host Stephen Pelletier was brought on board.
The third season saw the TWIG crew head to Dallas, TX for ScrewAttack.Com’s Iron Man of Gaming. While there Dodd was voted G1 of the Year for his ScrewAttack-themed tattoo. He says that for the third season of TWIG the crew “ramped up the show with different topics: new media and emerging technology, and urban myths.”
It was during the third season that Dodd began expanding his work. He started doing reports on radio stations and pop-culture websites.
He continues to do reviews for 1150AM in Lema, OH on Mondays for the Mike Miller Morning Show and game of the month and holiday gift guides for104.9FM in Goderich, Ont. on the Kevin MacDonald morning show. He became ScrewAttack.Com’s Hard News and G1 Correspondent and reported on gaming events in Canada.
For his internship for his third and final year of college Dodd worked for TheGameHeroes.Com. He co-hosted over 100 episodes of a PodCast called The Prototype with Handsome Tom Hanley. The PodCast featured “random topics in video games” and guests from the industry including former editors for Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine and voice actors such as Kyle Herbert.
It was while in Dallas doing wedding photography for TheGameHeroes.Com’s Handsome Tom and Perfect Liz that Dodd broke his first major story. The story featured “exclusive cinema” from the Ghost Busters Atari game.
After finding the “broadcasting field” wasn’t looking for jobs Dodd decided to return to college. He enrolled in Mohawk College’s Public Relation Post-Graduate Diploma Program. He graduated in the spring of 2010.
While attending Mohawk Dodd began doing holiday gift guides for 820AM in Hamilton, Ont. He has since become a regular on the station’s Tech Talk segment Thursday mornings at 6:20am.
From the radio work Dodd has moved on to traveling throughout North America doing reports on the video game industry for websites including ScrewAttack.com and TheGameHeroes.com. He has done many reports for ScrewAttack.com’s Hard News and has appeared on That Guy With the Glasses’ first-year anniversary video.
Dodd’s career has expanded to commercial work for 91.7, CIXL, Giant FM, the Victorian Order of Nurses (in Hamilton) and the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (also in Hamilton).
He has appeared on Global Television, MuchMusic, the JP Godsey Radio Show, Gametrailers.com, The Big Bald Broadcast and others. Clear Channel networks, Bayshore Broadcasting and Astral Radio Media have all used Dodd’s services.
“My first love will always be radio,” says Dodd, though he does do private public relations consults on the side.
Recently Mike has become a newly signed voice actor in Toronto providing voices for animation, video games and commercials. He has signed with CA Talent and management inc in June of 2010.
For his work Dodd has won awards from the VP of Student Affairs at Niagara College and the Chippewa of Nawash Award for Aboriginal Achievement. He used the awarded money from the latter to fund the TWIG studio.
While TWIG has recently started season 4.5 with Dodd at the helm, he has launched a new separate website: ReviewADay.Ca. Each day Dodd picks one of his video games to review in a listener-friendly way. He describes it as “taking off the hat of the game journalist and reviewing it as your friend.”

Website: www.thisweekingeek.net
Email: mike@thisweekingeek.net
Mobile: 289 880 0217
New Show Voice email: 1 817 717 7202
My Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/9/a7a/5aa

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